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The Select Income Fund is a contributory mortgage fund, that offers exposure to a selection of property loans.

Each loan is a stand-alone investment called a Syndicate Fund.

Each Syndicate-Fund provides exposure to a specific loan, which are carefully assessed and actively managed by our experienced mortgage management team, in addition to being independently verified by qualified valuers and quantity surveyors.

Why invest.

Regular income.

Receive monthly income payments from your investment. As the borrower pays interest you earn income.

Capital stability.

Capital stability is core to our investment objective and all investments will have a risk profile to consider

Deal flow.

Access to deal flow from Global Capital Commercial, Australia’s No 1 Commercial Loan Originator


Place your investments with the largest & most highly experienced mortgage experts.

Getting started.


Step 1

There is one simple way in which you can apply to invest with Secured Capital. It is as easy as requesting a soft or hard version of the IM and attached application form. When completing this form you can opt for either the Specific Investment Authority or make use of the manage General Investment Authority. Once your application has been accepted we will deposit your funds into the Cash Account for investments to be made.


Step 2 Select
your investment.

If you have opted into the General Investment Authority then your funds will generally be allocated to the first available Syndicate-Fund. If you have selected the Specific Investment Authority, you will now be able to select investments that suit you.

Two ways to invest.

Investment Authority.

  • Likely to minimise time in cash
  • Likely to maximise returns

You delegate authority to our expert mortgage team to allocate your Cash Account Funds, generally to the first available Syndicate Fund.

With the general investment authority fund you pass responsibility for investments to us. Generally your money will be invested into the first available syndicate-fund. You can set maximum limits for each investment with a general investment authority. Using the general investment authority will minimise the time your money spends in the cash fund and maximise returns.

Investment Authority.

  • You retain full control to select the investment, return, duration and risk
  • You choose the Syndicate Funds that you would like to invest in.

With the specific investment authority you choose where to invest your funds in each case. This gives you full control of every investment that you make. Investments through specific investment authority are issued on a first come first served basis.


Our mission is to provide investors with unique value-added opportunities and also match the commercial interest of our borrowers.

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  • ASIC Investor Guide
  • Continuous Disclosure Notice

The Investment Memorandum explains all of the essential things


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