If you are looking for a short-term loan, you can use your second mortgage as security.


At Secured Capital, we provide short-term loans with a second mortgage as security, quickly and easily. Within less than 24 hours, you can have the funds in your account.

What is second mortgage financing?

Similar to caveat loans, second mortgage financing is perfect for business owners and individuals who want to keep their existing first mortgage but have a second mortgage they can use to help them secure financing.

This short-term loan often goes further than the loan their current credit supplier would be able to give them.

What can you use your 2nd mortgage financing for?

There are a number of different uses for a second mortgage, such as renovating your business’ buildings, expanding your business, paying debts or getting on top of unexpected costs.

Second mortgages are often a popular option over refinancing, as by using this type of loan you can still access the cash you need without having to use a first mortgage as security.

Advantages to the second mortgage loans we offer

Our second mortgage financing is processed in less than 24 hours, and because you are dealing directly with the lender, it is simple to apply. We offer second mortgage financing for customers Australia-wide, and loan up to $10 million.

Our loans can be used between a period of 1 – 12 months, or longer if need be.

Why our customers prefer our loans

Our second mortgage loans allow the lender to quickly access their money, through the security of their second asset. This is a brilliant option for business owners, as it frees up their financing options and allows them to invest in other growth areas of their business.

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Call us now to talk about the second mortgage lending opportunities we offer, and don’t get caught up using one mortgage for financing with no other options if that loan doesn’t go to plan.

We are able to offer advice for private businesses looking for a second mortgage loan, as well as individuals interested in second mortgage financing.

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