Why Invest by Secured Capital Investments

What am I Investing in?

❶ Commercial Loans

Investor Funds are used to purchase shareholding within a specific Loan Facility established by Secured Capital Investments.

❷ Property Security

Each loan is secured via a Mortgage over Real Property within Australia.

❸ Registered Mortgage

Each loan is secured via a Registered Mortgage over Real Property within Australia. Thus, claim over the proceeds of sale of a property are not questioned.

❹ Short Term

All Loans range from 3 -24 Months in length.

❺ Income Generating

Monthly interest income is received via the Interest paid by the borrower for the designated Loan Facility.

❻ Independent Property Valuation

Typically, Funds are lent up to 65% based on an Independent qualified valuer assessment of the security property.

❼ Regulated


❽ Expanding Investment Opportunity within Asset Class

Due to the tightening in Bank regulation within the Commercial lending market.


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