Have you found yourself running out of money in the middle of a construction project?

Construction Loans

Don’t despair – we provide construction finance to cover cost overruns.

Homeowner who has run out of money for a DIY project?

If you are a homeowner in the middle of completing a home renovation and need some extra cash to complete the project, we can assist with suitable financing.

We know DIY projects can run over budget and often the banks will not help you in these situations, as the bank valuation will not reflect the true value of the property, and more to the point it is against their policy to lend against unfinished projects.

Frequently the bank will only refinance once the project is complete – which is of no use to you if you’re halfway through the job and have run out of cash!

An Owner-builder who has run out of funds?

If you’ve started building your dream home, only to find yourself running out of money halfway through the building process, it can be very stressful.

The banks won’t lend you money once you have started the building project, which can leave you with a home that’s half-finished.

Skip the stress and come to us. We are experts in providing loans to people who are in the middle of construction projects and can help revive the project.

Self-funded developer-builder and run out of funds?

If you are developing a project and plan to use funds from your business to finance the work, it can be frustrating when those funds don’t come through.

Not only does it mean the project stalls, but sometimes it means you’re unable to pay your contractors.

Don’t have your tradies leave you halfway through the job – get in touch with us to help you sort out some financing.

Why our customers prefer our loans

Our second mortgage loans allow the lender to quickly access their money, through the security of their second asset. This is a brilliant option for business owners, as it frees up their financing options and allows them to invest in other growth areas of their business.

Unexpected costs mounting?

Don’t worry if you’re running out of money to complete a construction project, while discovering the bank isn’t forthcoming with the funds.

Give us a call today and we can sort you out with incomplete construction finance to get you back on track and your site up and running once more.

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