Do you need a short term loan because you’ve found yourself in an unexpected situation where you’re short of cash?


Perhaps you were waiting for a payment to your business to come through and it hasn’t happened, or perhaps the sale of your property is taking longer than expected? Then bridging finance might be for you.

Don’t get stuck

Bridging loans are ways to get your hands on money when the ideal situation presents itself but you unexpectedly don’t have the cash to take advantage of it. They’re also useful if you find yourself in a financial pickle because a client is late in paying you.

Because there is often a delay in the time between selling property or assets and buying new ones, bridging finance is the perfect solution to get you through these times, allowing you to secure the best prices without having to worry about your cash flow.

Bridging loan specifics

Bridging loans are short-term loans that normally have an interest rate that is a little higher than a regular mortgage loan, due to the increase in risk for the lender.

However, our loans are affordable and we will find you the perfect bridging loan to suit your situation.

Offering flexible financing at the right price

At Secured Capital, we are experts in bridging finance and can find you the perfect loan package to suit your individual situation.

Get your cash within 24 hours with our smooth service, which is offered to businesses Australia-wide. We provide loans of up to $10 million and because you are dealing directly with the lender, you will be able to get your money quickly through our simple application process.

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Our expert team are constantly improving on their knowledge of bridging loans, meaning we will always find the best loan for you on the current market.

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