Are you about to start a development project but need financing that will allow you to move ahead with the construction?


At Secured Finance, we can assist with mezzanine financing, allowing you to get the cash you need for your next construction project.

What is mezzanine finance?

Our mezzanine finance options allow you to bridge the gap between the senior debt you can borrow and the amount of equity you have to contribute.

Opening up the potential to borrow more

Mezzanine finance is frequently used by property developers so they can borrow more money and use their equity elsewhere such as capitalising on new opportunities as they arise.

Making your project cash work for you

Mezzanine finance can help increase the maximum project size you can do and also increase your IRR, put simply less of your equity in means you can do more.

Providing mezzanine funding of up to $10 million

We provide funding of up to $10 million and we provide it quickly. Because you are dealing directly with the lender, we can get you the funds you need, fast. Best of all, we look at projects all over Australia, so there’s no doubt we’ll be able to assist you with your mezzanine financing needs. Our loan periods for mezzanine financing are up to 24 months.

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