If you need a short term loan, fast, then look no further than Secured Capital.


Solve your cash flow issues

Adequate cash flow is paramount for running a business smoothly. But there’s no need to stress if your cash flow runs into a spot of trouble. At Secured Capital, we can provide short term business loans within 24 hours to get you back on track.

Why might you need a short term business loan?

Cash flow issues aren’t the only reason for needing a cash advance. If you plan to grow your business and need to purchase stock, plant or equipment, this could be another reason for needing a loan. Or perhaps you need to pay your tax bill at the end of the year, or are needing to carry out repairs, maintenance or renovations to your business. All of this work requires money, and we are here to help you get your hands on some quick cash.

How we secure the short term loans

If you are in need of urgent funds, we can assist you with a loan which will be secured by property, using either a first mortgage, second mortgage or caveat. This security can depend on the amount of money you choose to loan from us. While other businesses can take 2-5 days to approve loans, we can give you the cash in less than 24 hours and we lend to businesses Australia-wide.

Deal direct with the lender

At Secured Capital, we can provide loans of up to $10 million, giving you the cash for between one to 12 months, or longer if required. Because you are dealing directly with us, the lenders, we can make quick decisions for an instant turnaround, giving you access to money fast.

Contact us today

If you are looking for a loan with conditions that are easy to understand, and within a timely manner, give us a call at Secured Capital. We make it easy for our clients to get their hands on quick cash through our smooth and reliable financing process.

Are you looking for a short term loan for your business? Then contact us today. Our friendly team will be able to assist with your loan requirements and give you access to your money before the day is through. Give us a call now.

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