About Us.

Secured Capital Investments are specialists in providing short term loans that are secured by property and for business and investment purposes. We also lend extensively for property development.

At Secured Capital, we lend our own funds plus partner with wholesale investors such as family offices to lend to commercial borrowers. Invested Funds are directed into specific property secured mortgage investments.

All of our investments are secured against real estate and borrowing is always carried out at conservative loan to valuation ratios. Investors benefit from a fixed income earned from the interest paid by the borrower. The investment funds are repaid in full to investors once the loan has been completed.


P2P Loans.

Secured Capital’s Select Income Fund is a mortgage fund that is contributed to by a number of different investors. It provides investors with the opportunity to earn interest to gain monthly income payments through investment in a wide range of disparate mortgage loans.

Each loan offered is known as a Syndicate-Fund and is sourced by our expert mortgage team, who ensure you are offered the appropriate levels of returns, duration of investments to match your risk profile.

You will be able to choose your loans to achieve the result you want from your investment.


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