We were approached to provide assistance to finance the completion of a mixed use project, including retail, serviced apartments and residential apartments in Melbourne which was under construction and approximately 25% partially complete. Equity and funding for the project had been coming out of China, however, funding had stopped and the builder was about to walk off the job. Our client approached us for a local funding solution on a non-recourse basis. We were faced with a range of issues which needed to be addressed in order to successfully settle the proposal including:

Partially complete project

Offshore sponsors

Urgent settlement

Non-recourse facility


Secured Capital Investments successfully funded the proposal with one of our private investor / lenders who understood the circumstances and backed the project.

It also became apparent that the private lender that our client was talking to could not deliver, so we arranged the refinance and construction facility to complete the project through one of our investors.

* Facility Amount:$15,000,000

* LVR:75%